Stump Removal


With the right saws, harnesses, pulleys, and a lot of sweat, you can remove your own tree. But, the stump that remains is a problem of another sort. When you have a stump that needs to go, you can call us at Stump Ugly Stump Removal. We are the specialists in stump removal in Adirondacks and Northern New York.

Our team at Stump Ugly Stump Removal  understands the frustration and sore muscles that go along with trying to remove a stump on your own. Maybe you tried chaining it to your brother-in-law’s pickup, only to have the pickup land in the repair shop.

The fact is, completely removing a stump requires its own equipment and expertise. Our experts have the tools to make short work of any size stump, anywhere, for both residential and commercial customers. We use equipment that will not damage the turf. 

       Stumps are a nuisance. Whether you have one that has mysteriously always been in the back of your property or you have recently removed a tree, stumps can block equipment traffic and can be a walking hazard. They also can become a home for rodents and other critters as well as termites.

At Stump Ugly Stump Removal we specialize in mystery stumps. We can even follow behind you as you remove trees, offering an economical way of finishing any job. If you desire, we can leave you with beneficial mulch that can be used in the garden beds to discourage weeds and retain water.

When you need a stump removed quickly and thoroughly, call on us at Stump Ugly Stump Removal for service you can afford. We are the stump removal team that the community trusts.